“Hopefully, temporary holds on support will not create permanent holes in our communities.”~ Tara Henry, Owner/Artist of Authors And Art (Amount can be increased in Quantity) The Art Community is suffering tremendously during the state and federal restrictions on the industry during this pandemic. A discussion regarding the wide range of loss to the creative community was recently posted in Indyweek.com. Authors And Art’s Owner/Artist Tara Henry contributed to this vital conversation. We cannot afford to lose our safe spaces in our communities. Your contributions to this fundraiser will go directly to helping the Authors And Art studio to remain a vital part of the community. Creative wellness. Community Building. Going beyond the paint. Providing a safe creative space for all. This is the heart of the studio. Help us make it to our 4 year anniversary in June! Thank you for supporting the arts! www.facebook.com/pedagogyart Inquiries: www.authorsandart.com/contact Donation and contributions are final.

Sustainability Fundraiser: We need you!


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