Pedagogy Art LLC/Authors And Art studio is a family oriented business. Events include attendance by family, friends, special guest , children and the community at large. Events are based on positive cultural, educational and enrichment activities. The atmosphere is of fun and fellowship in a safe environment. Therefore:

Pedagogy Art LLC/Authors And Art studio have a zero tolerance policy regarding violent, abusive, drunken,disorderly, lewd,disrespectful or otherwise unlawful behaviour toward or in witness of any person(s) or property in the studio or landlord's property or any adjacent and visible properties.Law enforcement and security will be notified. Person(s) will be removed by request or lawful force from the premises of Pedagogy Art LLC/Authors And Art and the Landlord. No refunds will be issued to any person(s) involved in the incident directly nor indirectly. No further participation will be permitted involving Pedagogy Art LLC/Authors And Art or its affiliates.Pedagogy Art LLC/Authors And Art reserves the right to refuse service(s) to any person(s) within lawful limits.

Respect is a Must!


Artwork collections are the original works of Tara Henry exclusively for Pedagogy Art LLC and Authors And Art studio. Paying clients of Pedagogy Art LLC are granted limited permissions during Authors And Art parties and events to create likeness of Pedagogy Art LLC artwork for entertainment purposes only. No further derivatives, reproductions or monetary nor non-monetary gains are authorized for any person(s) or uses. The 'Gallery' is for the sole use of event selection and may not be duplicated, reproduced or used for derivative works. Artwork for retail purchase and commissioned artwork remains the intellectual property of Pedagogy Art LLC and may not be reproduced or used for compensation without the written consent of Pedagogy Art LLC. All reserved rights and intellectual property, copyright and trademark laws will be enforced and applied to the art and creative works of Pedagogy Art LLC, Tara Henry and Authors And Art.

 Art is Fun! Theft is Bad!

hours of operation:

Authors And Art studio operates on an event based schedule. Events are listed on the 'Art Events' page.

 Tours of the studio, retail purchases, studio availability and short notice events can be arranged and inquired about through use of the contact form (preferred & most reliable method) or by calling (984)200-7559.

Planning Good! Spontaneity Fabulous!


Pedagogy Art LLC will take special circumstances as well as policies into consideration in regards to refunds and cancellations. However, the business interest of the company, other participants, and affiliates must also be a substantial factor. Therefore:


A full refund for cancellations will be issued for non-private events without special guest if Authors And Art studio is notified 5 days in advance of the start time of the reserved event. Partial refunds will be at the discretion of Pedagogy Art LLC if less than 5 days are given for cancellation.

Refunds for Signature Events less any portion of the paid reservation due to a special guest, performer or other persons listed on the event posting, will be refunded with a 5 days notice of cancellation in advance of the start time of the event. Partial to no refunds will be issued at the sole discretion of Pedagogy Art LLC if less than 5 days are given for cancellation.

Refunds for Private events will be issued minus the initial non-refundable deposit when one week (7 days) notice of cancellation is given to Authors And Art before the start date of the Private event. Partial refunds will be at the sole discretion of Pedagogy Art LLC if there is less than one week notice provided to Authors And Art studio. Events reserved within the 7 days prior to the reserved Private event are non-refundable.

Host of Workshops/Meetings/Non-Art Events/Special Events

Reservations for Authors And Art studio by the Host for use will be refunded at 50% of total reservation cost if notice of cancellation is given 7 days prior to the start date of the event. No refunds will be issued if less than 7 day notice is given to Authors And Art studio.

No-Shows (paid customers that do not attend without policy standard notice) for all types of events or parties will not be issued a refund in full nor in any portion of paid reservation.


Inclement Weather:

Pedagogy Art LLC/Authors And Art studio Cancellation:

Full Refund or Rescheduling of the event or Reservation for a different scheduled event on a date mutually agreed upon by client (reserved individual, host, special guest) and Pedagogy Art LLC.

Client Cancellation:

If Pedagogy Art LLC/Authors And Art studio is open for business due to safe weather conditions where the business is located, the standard policy regarding refunds and cancellations apply per type of reservation with exception of minimum cancellation timeframes. (Example: Private event- refund minus non-refundable portion.) 

Fairness Good! No Notice Bad


Open Events are scheduled by Authors And Art studio. These events are for reservation by the general public. Events are posted on the website 'Calendar' and are booked and pre-paid via the 'Reservations' page. Pre-payment is required before participation in the scheduled event.

Private Events/ Meetings/ Workshops are events hosted by individuals, businesses, organizations or special guest. They will be listed in regards to public or private status. Events are listed on the 'Calendar' once approved by Authors And Art studio and payment is recieved from the Host as noted in initial agreement. Participation and acceptance of any event is at the sole discretion of Pedagogy Art LLC.

On-the-go Events are listed on the 'Calendar' to reflect unavailability for in-studio events. Authors And Art studio goes on tour in the surrounding communities. The artist may be available to visit schools and organizations for an awesome art painting experience! Participation is at the sole discretion of the artist. Full payment is required in advance of the event as noted in initial agreement to client.

Menus/Foods/Drinks/Cutlery/Servers are the sole responsibility of the customers and guests. Authors And Art/Pedagogy Art LLC is not responsible for related choices, allergic reactions, alcoholic beverage consumption, preparation nor disposal of foods nor by-products of catering for the event. Host are permitted 30 minutes additional time for clean up procedures.

Venue Accommodates up to 30 seated artist.

Doors open 30 minutes before scheduled event start times.

Doors close for business 30 minutes after scheduled event ending times.


Reservations apply to the actual art event/party. The event/party will continue regardless of special guest or any third party participation. There will be no cancellation or refunds due to third party cancellation to participate as scheduled.

On occasion the listed artist will change. This may also require the medium, materials and designs to change for the event. If this change is foreseeable, an update will be noted on the website and/or emails to reserved customers. The customer may request a refund or to be rescheduled for another posted event.


Authors And Art may refuse entry to the event/venue/property to anyone not listed in the reservation system as a paid guest/client attending that event. Pay at the door option is at the sole discretion of the studio. No loitering permitted.  Art designs may not be available for guest that have not secured their reservation 24 hours prior to the event.

All Events must adhere to the rules and regulations of the property management and Pedagogy Art LLC. All activities must be approved for compliance. Any violations immediately terminate the event. No refunds or rescheduling will be permitted.



Art Parties:

Adult- $35 per Artist (16x20 canvas)

Children's Art Parties- $20 per Artist (8x10 canvas)

Special Events- Price Listed per Event

Inquire about other event types, pricing and uses for the venue!

Forms of payment

All forms of Credit are excepted by Authors And Art that are supported by the merchant service of Authorize.net and PayPal. All required fields must be filled for proper processing. Shipment options do not apply for in-studio events but require the same populated fields for processing and authorization of payment. Cash and credit payments accepted in-studio for retail and walk-in services.

No Checks.

Save receipt/invoice/email for proof of reservation and admittance. Please include guest names that are included in your paid reservation count in the 'note to seller' section if available. Guest should arrive together or have their own copy of information and ID to enter.

7.25% tax effective April 1, 2017

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