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Walk Our Talk!

Pedagogy Art LLC established Walk Our Talk on November 18th, 2016. The mission of Walk Our Talk is to connect with local and online businesses to offer opportunities to promote and build awareness to increase the sustainability of existing businesses, while encouraging the growth of our business communities.

Walk Our Talk currently has 2 marketing opportunities at the Authors And Art location. Sponsorship Banner Packages and Business Signage Listings. (Descriptions and Sample Banner Posted in Photo Grids.)

The focus of these campaigns will not only be to highlight the business , but the owners and founders. People connect to people and are more likely to support those they know on some level. Let Walk Our Talk introduce you!

Participating Businesses get the advantage of a storefront presence! As the foot traffic of the studio and the plaza grows... so does the visibility of each business listed in the window. Before, during and after business hours!

Pedagogy Art LLC encourages all opportunities a business has to market and advertise. This is something different and exciting. Let's discuss your business  options today by initiating contact through the form below.


Sponsorship Banner

Authors And Art patron

Patrons believe in the overall mission of Authors And Art. Financial contributions are used to sustain the business and support initiatives of the studio. Please contact directly for further information regarding Authors And Art objectives. Additional details on the 'Patron Proposal' page.


CANVAS: $500.00

PAINT: $1500.00

GALLERY: $2500.00

STUDIO: $5000.00

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